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Effective Ways to Stay Healthy After Menopause

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When a woman goes through menopause, she experiences various symptoms ranging from mild to severe.

Many experts believe that these symptoms are due to changes in the levels of estrogen and progesterone that occur during this stage. Because of these changes, a woman may also be at a higher risk of developing health conditions like osteoporosis and heart disease.

Osteoporosis is a condition wherein your bones become weak and tend to break easily. Heart disease after menopause is common possibly due to the aging process itself and the changes in estrogen levels. To help prevent these health problems, or minimize their impact if they’re already present, you should consult your doctor for proper medical evaluation and treatment.

Although menopause is associated with certain problems, staying healthy during menopause is not impossible. The National Institute on Aging mentioned several ways you could keep fit even after going through menopause.

Do not smoke.

Smoking is a risk factor for heart disease and it can also lead to early menopause. So when you’re of menopausal age and you smoke, your risk for heart disease is heightened. If you don’t smoke, don’t start now, and if you do, you could still benefit from quitting.

Be mindful of your diet.

It’s not too late to go for a healthy diet. Let your diet be low in fat, high in fiber, and rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain foods. Talk with your doctor and dietitian if you’re not sure what’s best for you.

Take sufficient amount of calcium and vitamin D.

Your diet should contain the right amount of calcium and vitamin D. Ask your doctor if you need to take supplements to ensure you’re getting enough of these nutrients which are essential in keeping your bones strong and healthy.

Keep your weight within healthy limits.

Weight gain is a common problem among menopausal women, but you could benefit a lot if you keep your weight within limits appropriate for your height and age. Excess weight is a risk factor for both heart disease and osteoporosis.

Perform weight-bearing exercises.

Walking, jogging, or dancing at least 3 days a week helps make your bones strong and healthy. For your overall health, though, try to be physically active in other ways. If you’re not sure how to do this, talk with your doctor or healthcare provider.

Take your prescribed medications.

If you’re on prescription drugs, take your medicines regularly especially if these are for health problems you can easily overlook, such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, or osteoporosis.

Treat vaginal discomfort.

To relieve vaginal dryness and discomfort, use a water-based vaginal lubricant (not petroleum jelly) or a vaginal estrogen cream or tablet.

Have regular medical examinations.

Regular pelvic and breast exams, Pap smear, and mammograms are important. You should also undergo screening for colon and rectal cancer as well as skin cancer. If you notice a lump in your breast or a mole that has changed, consult your doctor immediately.

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